What we’re about:

There are kitesurfing destinations around the world that just have to be experienced! Kitesurfing as a sport has grown phenomenally over the past three years. More and more adrenaline seekers are getting into kiteboarding as an exciting alternative to wakeboarding and windsurfing. Few other sports offer the same rush that you get from boosting big air or even just cruising along with the feeling you only get from being in harmony with the elements.

KiteH2O consists of two kitesurfers who enjoy travelling all over the world searching for the best kitesurfing destinations. Our aim is to make travelling to the top kitesurfing destinations really easy for everyone whether you are a beginner who hasn’t kited before or an advanced kitesurfer who is looking for serious action. We have been to most of the spots covered here and our aim is to constantly bring you new spots or kiteboarding destinations that we discover. We often get good deals and discounts that we then pass on in our newsletter.

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If you have a spot that you would like to see included in kiteH2O then please mail us the details and we will happily include it! We’d love to come check it out as well. We have tried to give you all the info you need including information on the launch conditions, climate, wind conditions,travelling and transport, accomodation at the destination, as well as the nightlife at the destination (quite important). We have searched for the top kitesurfing destinations from the Caribbean to the Red Sea and you can be sure that we will only place a destination here if we think it deserves to be mentioned. KiteH2O is a non commercial site. This is a site done by kitesurfers, for kitesurfers.

Check out destinations for the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. We plan to kite the earth so join us in finding the best kiteboarding destinations in the world!

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